Committment To Excellence

To further illustrate our commitment to excellence, we are accredited by the IBPSA (International Boarding & Pet Services Association), which requires participating facilities to demonstrate their adherence to a comprehensive set of operational standards. These standards include detailed requirements that were developed by the IBPSA over many years. These standards reflect the views of kennel operators, veterinarians, pet owners, and humane organizations and thus represent a well-rounded spectrum of ideals within the animal care industry.

Facilities accredited by the IBPSA must submit and share detailed information about their animal care procedures and business policies, and also allow for on-site inspections. Being a member of this program offers pet owners the added assurance that accredited facilities have earned their IBPSA stamp of approval.

Our employees have received additional training and are certified by the IBPSA as well. This means that our facility is able to provide a higher standard of excellence and we believe this accreditation distinguishes us to our clientele. All of this is meant to provide our customers with an increased feeling of comfort, knowing that their pet is receiving the highest level of care available.

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