Cat Boarding

Our cat boarding is all inclusive and includes playtime for your cat to enjoy time outside of its condo every day during their visit with us. They individually explore our cattery and enjoy cat trees, scratching posts, and toys. Our trained technicians are present for love, play and attention during this time (approx 30 mins).

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Our cattery is situated upstairs in a large room with plenty of natural light. The cattery is located away from the dogs, so the kennel sounds are minimal. Heated and cooled for year-round comfort, each cat has their own Cat Condo measuring roughly 24 cubic feet in size. Each Cat Condo has multiple perch platforms and gives plenty of room to move around and lounge.


Our boarding rates are $23.00 per cat, per night, including playtime. Medication may be administered for $2.00 per day. Please bring the method you use at home to administer.

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7 days a week.
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