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At Hoffman Haus Pet Resort, our boarding facility was purposely built with the safety, comfort and security of your pet in mind. Each dog has their own indoor/outdoor suite, which has a spacious covered outdoor patio area. We have numerous, spacious play yards and activity fields. We play soft, soothing music in our kennel areas and our entire facility is climate controlled with central air and heating. Additionally, we have multiple alarm systems, including: fire/smoke, temperature (hot and cold limits), and burglar. For added peace of mind, we always have someone on the premises, even after hours, with on-site owners and a resident caretaker.

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To enhance your dog's experience, we encourage you to let them participate in one of our many fun activities, customizing their stay. These activities greatly increase the fun factor while visiting us, helping to create something special for every dog to enjoy.

  • One on One w/technician :  RUN AND PLAY (once a day)  NATURE HIKES (extended play)  CUDDLE TIME (recommended but not limited to elderly & smaller dogs)
  • Pool Party (offered seasonally)
  • Ice Cream Party (vanilla ice cream topped with treats)
  • Peanut Butter Filled Kong

* All activities can be added to the standard boarding rate at an additional cost. Additional costs vary depending on activity. 


Our boarding rate is $34.00 per dog, per night. If boarding a second dog in the same room, the rate is $28.00 per night for the second dog.  Medication maybe administered for $2.00 per day.  If extensive medications are needed this fee may be adjusted. 

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