Hoffman Haus has a wonderful, full-service Grooming Salon for all of your dog's grooming needs. We use only the finest all natural products (shampoos and conditioners) and all pets receive a hydrotherapy massaging bath which is excellent for skin conditions and aids in de-shedding. Our professional groomers will be glad to take care of your pet's grooming, whether that involves a full groom or just a bath. Our groomers have a tremendous amount of experience, do excellent work, and have a wonderful tableside manner. Is your dog staying with us for boarding or daycare? Book a grooming appointment as well!

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Grooming Options

Full Grooming includes a bath with shampoo and conditioner, ear cleaning, toenail trim with a dremel, blow-dry, and the haircut of your choosing.

Baths include shampoo, toe nail trim with a dremel, ear cleaning, and a fluff dry.

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