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Important things you need to know:

We require shot records and strongly recommend giving the vaccinations at last 4 days prior to your check-in date.  

Besides giving the shots a chance to begin working, they can cause light symptoms (like a flu shot!) and we don’t want your pet to associate feeling badly with being at the kennel. If the Bordetella vaccination has not been given at least 4 days prior to your pet’s first visit with us, we can waive it….but, only this one time and you must sign a waiver.

We require:
Dogs –
DHLPP - After the puppy series and 1 year booster, every 3 years (until age 7).We will accept your veterinarian’s recommendation as long as it is within these AAHA/AVMA guidelines. Puppies must have at least 2 shots of the puppy series.
Rabies - After the puppy shot and 1 year booster, every 3 years.
Bordetella – Every 6-12 mos., per your vet’s recommendation.
Cats –
FVRCP – After the kitten series and 1 year booster, every 3 years (until age 7). We will accept your veterinarian’s recommendation as long as it is within these AAHA/AVMA guidelines. Kittens must have at least 2 shots of the kitten series.
Rabies – After kitten and 1 year booster, every 3 years.
Feline Leukemia – Whether or not to require this vaccine is still a dilemma even after all these years. Most vets do not recommend this shot unless your cat is an outdoor cat and/or is around others. In our cattery they will be in the same room as others but in their own condo, unless individually wandering about the room. You and your vet should decide, although we will ask you to sign a waiver if you choose not to give this vaccination.
  • Please consider not bringing your pet to the tour, as we do require shot records and our pre-entrance exam even for a quick visit.  
  • Once you’ve made a reservation, if your plans change PLEASE let us know as soon as possible. Over busy holidays and during the summer we may have to turn others away when we are holding a place for your pet. So if you give us as much notice as possible, we (and whoever gets your place) will appreciate it. It is also important to let us know if your pet will be arriving the next day instead, so we don’t give your reservation away. A deposit may be required for busy season reservations
  • We guarantee pets will go home with no fleas or ticks. To accomplish this, all pets are given a pre-entrance and pre-exit exam. During this exam, we also check for signs of other possible problems, but please know this is not a vet exam. If we do find fleas/ticks when they arrive, a bath is given automatically. This bath will cost $10.00 less than their regular bath price but does not include the usual extras – nails clipped, ears cleaned, etc. A Capstar ($7.00) may also be necessary (our discretion).
  • We are your pet’s "resort”, so room service will supply the linens and laundering! We prefer using our own bedding and cots, but you may bring a small blanket or towel that is machine washable. Please write your pet’s first and last names on it and we will make every effort to return it to you, but can not be responsible for lost or damaged blankets/ towels. Please do not bring large blankets or pet beds. Cloth toys should also be marked and machine washable. The same effort will go into caring for them but please leave their irreplaceable toys at home.
  • Is your dog afraid of thunder? Is heartworm prevention or other medication due while they’re here? Please let us know these types of things. You may want to make a list and bring it with you so you don’t “forget what you meant to say” when you get here!
  • Be confident when you leave your pet. They pick up on your feelings, so “don’t worry…be happy,” and they will be too!
  • Don’t feed or give too much water to your dog for about 2-3 hours after arriving home.  He may act hungry from excitement or thirsty from panting, but food or water at this time could cause a stomach upset.
  • When your cat arrives home, keep her inside for a few hours to adjust to being home before she roams.