Hoffman-Haus Pet Resort

Boarding & Day Care:


Our facility is “state-of- the- heart!”  Each dog has their own indoor/ outdoor suite, with air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.  For their safety, the entire kennel is double fenced.  For sanitation, we disinfect multiple times, daily.  For nutrition, we feed premium foods and our guests always have access to water.  For their enjoyment, we play music.  Additionally, for their protection, we have multiple alarm systems including fire/smoke, temperature (hot and cold limits), and burglar, as well as on-site owners and an additional resident caretaker.
For extra fun, activities are available in the completely fenced in playgrounds. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to offer acres of various, completely fenced in playgrounds for our guests!  
Hoffman-Haus Pet Resort


Hoffman-Haus Pet Resort

Our cattery is upstairs in a bright sunny room, away from the Dogs, where the kennel sounds are minimal!  Each cat has their own 4’ tall x 3’ wide x 2’ deep Kitty Condo, with resting platforms.  They have music playing all day and cat furniture and play equipment is available for safe inside activity.
Boarding Rates: 
  • Dogs $28.00 per night and $22.00 for 2nd dog in same suite.
  • Cats $15.00 per night and $13.00 for 2nd cat in the same condo.

Hoffman-Haus Pet Resort
Going on a Hike
Hoffman-Haus Pet Resort
Enjoying Story Time and Cuddling!


Activities for Dogs:

  • Lodging Daycare (our BEST Seller) - $15.00 for a Full Day and $10.00 for a Half Day.   
  • Run and Play - $5.00 per session of outdoor exercise and attention (Up to 3 per day).
  • Pool Party - $14.00 (Offered seasonally).
  • Story Time - $10.00 (Off leash snuggle and love time with a staff member).
  • Nature Hike - $12.00 Double leashed walk on the property.
  • Ice Cream Party - $3.00 Vanilla Ice Cream topped with treats.
  • Peanut Butter Filled Kong - $3.00.                  
  • Holiday Dinners (When available) - $5.00.

For Cats:
  • Cat Walkabout - $3.00 Time to roam around the cattery with their technician.                 


Pool Party

Day Care for Dogs:

Imagine the pleasure of picking up a relaxed and happy dog at the end of your long work day. Our Daycare program offers a fun and safe interactive group play environment for your dog's exercise and enjoyment. All of our groups are arranged by dogs of similar age, size and temperament and they are supervised by our well trained staff. This is a great environment for your dog to learn socialization while having a fun filled day balanced with just the right amounts of exercise and relaxation.
  • $22.00 for a Full Day and $20.00 for your 2nd dog.
  • $15.00 for a Half Day (Less than 4 hours).
  • $220.00 for an 11 Day Pre-Paid Fun Pass.