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The Hoffman-Haus family is grateful to all of you who have made our 30th anniversary celebration possible.
We have been serving our area with pride since 1988, and everyday we still live up to the promise we made all those years ago:
Our Philosophy…In order to be leaders in any aspect of boarding, daycare or grooming, we impose upon ourselves the obligation to achieve the highest levels of care, concern, and competence.

Rewarding those who invest in us their time, resources, and trust, we strive to excel.

In striving to excel, we do so…and will never settle for less.
Everyone asks…”what does Hoffman Haus mean?”
Hoffman is a family name, German.  When we bred German Shepherd Dogs and Rottweilers back in the 80’s, our dogs were named with “von der Hoffman-Haus” at the end, meaning “of the Hoffman House.” Then in 1988 when we opened pet boarding and training  in Winterville, we began Hoffman-Haus Kennels. Eventually we changed the name to Hoffman-Haus PET RESORT, to better indicate the variety of our services. Thanks for asking!

We are accredited by the IBPSA, which requires participating boarding kennels to demonstrate their adherence to a comprehensive set of operational standards. These standards include over 200 detailed requirements for boarding kennels and were developed over many years by the IBPSA, the international trade association for the owners and operators of commercial boarding kennels. The standards reflect the views of kennel operators, veterinarians, pet owners, and humane organizations and thus represent the "state of the art" in animal care and management.

Boarding kennels accredited by the IBPSA must submit detailed information about their animal care procedures and business policies and submit to an on-site inspection. This program offers pet owners the assurance that Accredited facilities have earned the IBPSA "stamp of approval" by successfully completing this comprehensive program.


Hoffman-Haus Pet Resort
Seufi was rescued in 2003


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HHPR has always been a strong proponent of animal rescue, adoption, spay/neuter, and pet responsibility education. Please help whenever you can, these local organizations by volunteering, attending fund raising and awareness events, giving supplies and monitory donations.
“We will be known forever by the tracks we leave”
Dakota Proverb
"I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled
it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man."
Mahatma Gandi